A successful result comes from a combined effort, you as the owner and us as agents. Here are some things you can do to assist with the sale of your property.


Getting the property ready to market


First impressions count

A buyer will often make judgement about the inside of your home from what they see on the outside. Keeping lawns trimmed and the yard neat and free from rubbish will enhance first impressions.


We understand that not every home is like a display house, however simple elements like removing clutter or any unnecessary objects can enhance the presentation and give a room a more spacious feel. It also allows buyers to imagine their own personal touches in the home.


Dont give buyers a reason to fault your home or be distracted by minor repairs like dripping taps, loose handles or fallen tiles. Having these small items attended to shows buyers that you have cared for your property.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

These are usually make or break rooms for buyers. So the more they sparkle, the better. A fresh bunch of flowers or bowl of fruit are good tips to give life to your home.


And on the day of the inspection


- Let the sun shine in! Turn on the lights and open the blinds to create a warmer atmosphere.

- Pack away anything that may be a hazard to people looking through your home.

- A last minute clean and dust adds the final touch.

- It is important buyers feel comfortable to ask questions and are not rushed. Our experience tells us the best way to do this is if the owner is not home. It is our job to guide them through and we will always provide you with feedback after the inspection.

- While we understand they are part of the family, where possible pets should also not be present.